Sweetness & Spring

picstitch-4My main source of gratefulness these days revolves around these two girls. Is it bad to admit that I love having older girls? I loved them as babies too of course but I think back to one year ago, two years ago and there is no way I would go back. Last Tuesday I took the girls to Casa Mia for our usual every-other Tuesday dinner out. Telfer was working and that used to mean there was no chance I would take the girls on my own. Now, I love having them to myself for the evening. We talk about their days and how they feel about Parmesan cheese and what Tressa said to Malia in Jane’s class (usually involves the word “sassy”) and the flavor of dum-dum they will pick out after we finish. They have become friends this year. Most mornings I awake to the sound of intense play coming from the next room. They go on complicated picnics and trips all before 7:00 a.m. They make food sculpture statues and have their friends all lined up and say, “MOM, don’t move our uni-gumi statues before the Fall Scepter!!” What? Okay girls. I love this. I love that a whole morning can go by and the television doesn’t go on because they are playing. It used to be that I could not imagine life without at least 22 minutes of peace during Yo Gabba Gabba. There are times now when I miss them because their play is so involved. What a wonderful, blessed problem to have. They will probably come screaming into the room and we will have an evening of epic behavior issues right after I write this but I tell you: I am so grateful for the things I am seeing in their lives this year.

Also for pink trees and really fun books. Cate had the stomach flu yesterday and I read almost this entire book in between cleaning up bowls of vomit. Good times.


Double Yolk

The chickens have layed nine eggs now but until this morning we hadn’t eaten any of them. It’s like we were storing up treasure, lining eggs up in the refrigerator. Before Telfer left for the hospital and before I left for church with the girls, we made eggs. The first two eggs I cracked into the hot pan had double yolks. I am not all that superstitious but I am thinking this a very good omen.


I can be the teeniest bit uptight at times, but I will say, I am free and easy with the band-aid distribution in our house. The girls get a slight bump or scrape (or not) and scream for a band-aid? I say yes! Band-aids for everyone! They cost way less than a nickel and make my girls stop screaming. Like immediately. Both Cate and Jane know they can have only one at a time unless both knees are involved. They can reach the special band-aid jar all by themselves. They know that throwing away the wrapping is an essential part of the process. We buy princess band-aids and fairy band-aids and toy story band-aids and hello kitty band-aids. If you have an owie, you know where to come.

Parenting has so many nos. So many. It’s nice to say yes! you can have a band-aid!



The blog has been dormant all summer. I am a little depressed about it. It’s always on my list to post on the blog but lately, I can never cross it off. It’s always the first thing to go when I am busy or overwhelmed. But here’s the thing: I am happiest when I mark the events, both big and small [mostly] in the life of my family. I don’t really care if anyone reads what I write, but I just feel like when I make this a more vibrant space, I have space to feel more vibrant about my life. If that makes sense.

So here’s my plan: blog every day until I feel like this is more of a rhythm.

Also: my very-short book reviews is updated.It’s now on the top of the right-hand column.