First egg

The chickens layed their first egg on Monday afternoon. Telfer heard a ruckous in the henhouse and went out to find a small, brown egg. The very first. Jane kept asking “what’s in it?” Well…not chocolate like you are hoping? So far there hasn’t been another one. We aren’t even sure what chicken is laying at this point.  We are so urban farmers.

Sidenote 1: Doesn’t Jane look cute? It’s one of her birthday outfits. I am really liking polka dots and stripes (together) on the girls.

Sidenote 2: I am so done with summer cooking. Isn’t that terrible? I have all this zuchinni and assorted farmer’s market bounty and really all I want to do is roast some vegetables and make soup and drink some red wine. And wear a sweater. This time of the year is awkward.

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