Summer Highlights

In July, Telfer said on like a Wednesday, “I think maybe I want to get an older speedboat at some point.” I shrugged and said ok. By Friday we were the owners of an older speedboat. I never really pictured myself as a boat person, but you know what? I love it. We keep it moored really close to downtown and have loved going crabbing and cruising on the Sound. It has been one of the most unexpected pleasures. And both girls know their crab species and how to tell the gender. Awesome.

The girls have become sweet sisters this summer. We have our fair share of the whines and the fights and the crabbies. It’s not perfect or peaceful, not even half the time. But I am telling you: there has been some real kindness and sisterhood developing this summer. Telfer and I love these little moments.

We have done a lot of work in the yard this summer. And I can even use the prounoun “WE” and not be completely lying. Our garden beds have been productive and we have learned a whole lot. Our areas are more defined and the weeds have mostly been kept back. 

I absolutely love this cookbook. I love the photographs and how it’s divided: by season and then by month. It just makes sense. It’s real cooking – fresh everything and simple preparations. I recommend. 

And lastly, our week in Cannon Beach was just beyond lovely. We rented a house with a view and close access to the beach. We had Chris and Mendy for a couple of days, then Luke & Sherry for a couple of days, then my parents for a couple of days. The weather wasn’t spectacular but there was a hot pool (Jane’s name for the hot tub and I think so incredibly cute) that was very popular. 

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