My sweet grandma

My sweet grandma is in the hospital in Richland after breaking her hip and femur a few days ago. She had a surgery yesterday afternoon to alleviate her pain. We are all just so sad and she is in so much pain. Please pray for mercy.

I have been thinking about her all week. I want to grow old like she has – content and sweet and kind. No venomous words or constant guilt-tripping. What a wonderful grandma she has been.

I didn’t have a car my freshman year of college so my grandma would drive from Baker City to Nampa and then I would drive her home to Richland. Then I would drive her back to Nampa and then she would drive back to Baker City the next day. All so I didn’t have to take the greyhound bus. So at least twice she spent the night in my dorm room. One night she was all tucked into bed in her nightgown and we had a fire drill at midnight. Classic. We decided she could stay in bed and play hooky from the fire drill. 

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