Pine Needle Baskets & Other Doings

My sweet grandma died on Saturday. I had the privilege of being there with my mom and Elizabeth and cousins and aunt and uncle. Grandma was remarkably lucid on Saturday afternoon – she kept saying she was ready to go home – and God mercifully took her home at 7:30 pm. I have two of her pine needle baskets now on my mantel. I am going to frame the big one soon I think. 

I have had a little space this week in my schedule which has been good. I made this Williams-Sonoma Pumpkin Lasagna for dinner on Monday night. We waited to eat until the girls went to bed and watched an episode of Homeland (on Season 2) Oh my word. I finally used up all my zucchini and I also cut the cheese amount by half. 

Also, I may have ordered this bag:

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