Baker City

My grandma’s funeral was on Saturday in Baker City, OR and our flights to California were *early* Sunday morning in Seattle. We made it work. I am so glad we did. It was a lot of driving on Friday and then Saturday after the funeral. We stayed in my great-grandmother’s house in Haines with my parents and Alyssa & Co. I will almost drive seven hours for my girls to play with their cousins for one morning. Almost. 

We drove through Portland and took the girls to Multnomah Falls (one of my most favorite places when I was a kid). Cate literally could not see the falls until we were right there in front of it. Then she saw it.

My grandma was known for her delicious cinnamon rolls so Alyssa made some for breakfast the morning of the funeral. Alyssa brought candles and decorations and we had a little birthday party for Miss Cate. 

I don’t claim to know the specifics of death and dying and what the next life will be like in its details and realities – I find it irritating when there is a lot of certainty involved – but my grandmother loved her Lord and she was ready to go home. There is something very beautiful about that and it was actually wonderful to be there at her funeral, to hear stories about her life and fellowship with all that loved her. 

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