California: Mixed Feelings

And this is my favorite picture of our trip to California – of course it is. Striding through the hotel on the way to Disneyland. Daddy has a pink cardi over his shoulder and he knows where he is going. Cate is almost trying to lead. Jane has feathers for hair. Hard not to love this one.

This was the most talkative, cutest little Tinkerbell you can even imagine. My girls loved meeting her. None of the princesses were this great. We spent two days at Disneyland and California Adventure and the rest of the time at a timeshare in Escondido. Michael came out to visit one evening and we went to Redlands and Loma Linda one day to visit our sweet, sweet neighbors and the wonderful librarians at Loma Linda. 

And the rest of the time we did this: bask in the California sunshine. I just love that dry heat and the beautiful California light and the palm trees and the sun setting behind the hills. But I know we made the right decision moving back to the Northwest. This feels like home, but I am so happy we can visit California. And now that the girls are older and traveling seems attainable, we can go once a year and get our fix. Although I don’t think I can handle Disneyland much more than every three or four years. Just to be honest.

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