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Last Friday we did our usual Seattle run: Top Pot, Aquarium, Market but instead of going home we got on the ferryboat to Bainbridge and then drove down to Shelton to stay one night at the Lake House. The girls loved the ferryboat although Jane had a hard time figuring out the whole concept of driving your car onto a boat. She kept asking, “but where is the boat?” We’re on the boat Jane. “But where is the boat?” 

Telfer’s parents have owned the Lake House for many years and Telfer and I have stayed out there quite a few times – when we were first married and semi-homeless, during the summer in medical school and we stored our car out there when we were in New York. But this is the first time we went out and stayed as a family. So fun. Telfer unfortunately overdid it at work the night before and got a fever but he is the sweetest and best sick person ever. He built a roaring fire and we just hung out. It was just a wonderful little getaway for all of us. The girls and I went for a Fall-ish walk on Friday afternoon, I ate a lot (I mean a lot) of cheese and bread and smoked salmon then ran around the lake twice to make up for it. The girls and I did some crafts together and they watched a movie while I finished Possession. It made our weekend feel so long and together-y. 

And then this week has gone by in an absolute blur. A good blur. There were some amazing crab cakes Telfer made for dinner last night. Cate even tried a bite. She hated it, but she tried it. And now somehow it’s Friday again. The same things have been piled on the guest room bed for days. I am conquering email and starting to contemplate Christmas cards while deciding what to cook this weekend. Thinking about Thanksgiving. I love having a busy, productive week but then space at the end to regroup and think things through. Just now I am thinking that Thursday nights should always be a celebratory, end-of-week dinner for our family. Preferably with Telfer cooking. And champagne like there was last night. Yes. 

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