I saw this print on a blog and loved it. I did not love the fact it was being sold for $45. So Luke Duerre freeformed it for me on good paper and I framed and now it’s hanging above our television. Fitting, no?

I know I have said this before but I just love the Penguin Drop Caps series. Penguin has published up to P now – Marcel Proust’s Swann’s Way. I saw on Powell’s that they are 30% off. Perfect Christmas presents… 

This week has been kind of a killer. What kept me going was this: Thursday night. Ann Patchett and Nancy Pearl. Town Hall. Seattle. Telfer. We had the best time. We were able to get up there in time for dinner. La Bete was as good as we had hoped and we kind of went there accidentally but in the very best way. I had most divine gnocchi I have ever had in my life and now I am plotting how to make gnocchi and dreaming of a homey little scene where the girls and I are making homemade gnocchi and then Cate eats it like a normal person. We shall see. But! Last night! Ann Patchett and Nancy Pearl are a fabulous combination – funny, gracious and opinionated. I have book lists galore and I am so enjoying This is the Story of a Happy Marriage (personal essays). Also, one of the best parts of last night was walking. I miss wearing my big black coat and walking around in a cold city at night with Telfer. I think it’s one of my most favorite things. 

And finally, I must, must get started reading The Lowland for our first book club in December. It’s been sitting on my nightstand so patiently. Oh, and for those of you that are riveted by our Harry Potter Homework, we are now on Half-Blood Prince. And I must admit, I was relieved to leave behind Order of the Phoenix. Angry Harry is my least favorite Harry.

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