A Few Things


It’s been a good, action-filled week around here full of work and summer food and little breaks. Telfer was home all day on Wednesday – it rained much of the day but in such a calming, I-don’t-have-to-water-the-garden-today sort of way. I worked and walked with Sherry and we finished the day with Telfer’s homemade pizza.

This week we also made two of our favorite summer foods – here and here.

I took the girls to an unplanned day at school today so I could make some real progress on a new, very exciting undertaking. I can’t wait to share more. This summer has been a bit of a (good) blur. A lot to think about and a lot to plan and I haven’t had a whole lot of quiet space to do so. Thus today. Quiet and space are real needs for me and I am so thankful today happened. But now I am ready to pick up my girls and proceed on with the weekend. We are going out to the lake house tomorrow afternoon and on a family hike (walk) here beforehand…

Two articles for your weekend:
13 Tips for Getting More Reading Done
What Writers Can Learn from Goodnight Moon (sent to me by Bill Beppu)

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