Last weekend


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Here a few photos from our very relaxing weekend. We *did* make it up to Staircase and the girls hiked for two miles! Jane predictably got a bit tired during the last mile so Telfer and I took turns piggybacking it. Such a beautiful spot. Telfer came up to Staircase as a child with his parents and siblings so it was a wonderful thing to do with our kids. This was my first trip here and am so looking forward to going back – maybe even this year but in the Fall. We then went on to the Lake House and spent a very relaxing 24-hours. The girls played on tubes in the lake and per our tradition, the girls and I did a craft. This time we wrapped washers with embroidery thread and made necklaces. Cate was all over it…

Also, here is a 30-second video of Jane at the lake house. I love almost-four-year-olds. She is so funny and silly!

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