And there goes August

trees & ocean

It’s the 27th of August! I have been meaning to post for the entire month. Every day it’s been on my list and every day I haven’t been able to cross it off. The hardships of the Type A! Ten days ago I took this picture on a wee little hike we did with the girls at the Oregon Coast down to a small cove. Gorgeous. We had the most wonderful time at the beach. Eleanor spent the week with us, we celebrated my birthday, her birthday and did all the usual beach things. For me, the Oregon coast is a magical place. More pictures to follow. 

And now we are back. This week feels like such a transition. Cate starts full-day Kindergarten on Wednesday at the elementary school down the street from us. Getting her into this program has been such a long, boring saga but I am so thrilled I can finally write the previous sentence. I really do think the school administrator got tired of hearing from me and finally gave Cate a full-day spot. I wore her DOWN! We are in the process of getting haircuts and school supplies and longer jeans and new cons (red high tops this year). I love these in-between times even though they make me a bit restless. There’s so much to look forward to – a big schoolgirl, new ventures and schedules and a huge learning curve and the possibility of eating soup and wearing a sweater again. But there’s always a tiny bit of the bittersweet at the end of summer. I can feel the days becoming shorter. My babies are about to turn four and six. The leaves on our street are just barely starting to turn. Dear friends face hard things.

But tonight we are all home together, there will be dinner and baths and bedtime. I am going to do something with zucchini yet again. We also have leftover baguette and homemade ricotta and chilled white wine. It could be worse. 

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

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