A Week at the Beach

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Highlights of a week at the beach:

  • Eleanor. Our girls, especially Cate, love Aunt Ellie and to have her for a whole week? Pretty special. Chris and Mendy were also in Cannon Beach for part of the week. 
  • Celebrating birthdays. Both Eleanor and I had a birthday. In an extravagant moment, Telfer had lobster rolls delivered from Dean & DeLuca. Ridiculous. I loved it! Best present ever!
  • Arch Cape. We enjoyed staying in this small area about three miles south of Cannon Beach. It was quiet and residential and we didn’t mind a bit being off the beaten track. 
  • EVOO. We went on Eleanor’s birthday with Chris & Mendy. A wonderful local woman stayed with the girls (two years in a row) while we went to a Fresh Market Buffet Show at the cooking school. Telfer, Eleanor and I were seated at a high corner table, a bit separate from everyone else. Basically, we were at a kids table and subsequently behaved accordingly. Lots of laughing and not listening. But we had such a good time and the food was as usual, absolutely wonderful.
  • The hot pool. The girls enjoyed swimming in the hot pool (tub) at the house we rented more than anything else we did all week. We turned the temperature way down and they swam for hours. 
  • Usual suspects: Of course we built sandcastles, walked on the beach, hiked a little, collected lots of “treasure”, ate ice cream and salt water taffy and at Fort George Brewery (twice), read for hours and basically never lost sight nor sound of the ocean for seven days. Absolutely my favorite week of the year.  

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

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