Five Things

Cropic Share File copy 2
1. The girls, especially Cate, enjoyed making their Valentine’s this year. We kept it really simple – heart card stock and stickers and glued-on candy. Pretty cute. They were so ready to go to school this morning. Also, in fitting with the season, Jane announced to Telfer and Cate yesterday afternoon in the car that she has a boyfriend. His name is Wyatt. So there’s that!

red book trucks!

2. These red book trucks are making me very happy today. We just got them on Wednesday and today is the first day I have them all loaded up with bargains in front of the shop. It’s so fun to watch people browse through books on a sunny day.

loved this...

3. I loved Brown Girl Dreaming by Jaqueline Woodson this week. Just an absolute joy to read – definitely not just a kid’s book. True and personal and beautiful. Also finished this. And this weekend I going to start this and this AND am slowly making my way through this.

taking their babies to the farmer's market

4. Last Saturday we went on a few errands before Telfer had to work – the farmer’s market, the bookshop, and Home Depot. The girls asked if they could bring their babies to the farmer’s market. Telfer rolls his eyes a bit but I am always happy to fuss with the front packs and get their babies all ready to go. I think I like their babies just as much as they do! I am also so very aware that they will not always want to take their babies to the farmer’s market and hold my hand while they do so.

shopdog in his new bed

5. And now it’s Friday at the shop. George has a new bed and has only jumped on a few customers today. Later today we are headed out to the Lake House for a couple of nights. We are looking forward to snuggling in – a fire, 101 Dalmatians, good books, a steak and red wine tomorrow night. This week has also been full of good food. I feel like I was in a rut there for a bit (cheese, bread and salad. repeat) but this week I made myself roast one of the five (five!) spaghetti squash in my cupboard. I chopped up an onion, sausage, garlic and red pepper flakes, added the roasted squash and a tiny bit of heavy cream. Then topped it all off with good parmesan. Where has this been all my life? THEN I made the dream bowls from this month’s Bon Appetit. Totally worth it – I made farro and the dressing and I roasted sweet potatoes with the harissa. Seriously wonderful. This is making me so hungry…luckily one of our favorite customers just dropped off some beautiful chocolate-covered strawberries…

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