Scenes From The Long Weekend

sisters @ the lake
george is in!
poor george!
new background on my phone
new bike!
sunlight and a new bike...

in motion

The weather was magnificent this weekend. I told Telfer I feel a little guilty about enjoying the end of the world (global warming edition) but what can you do? The girls played outside much of Saturday at the lake – if you look closely, you can see George jumped in after the canoe and tried to catch up. Poor Georgie! I read outside (in February!) and finished a book in one day which is my love language. Best Valentine’s present ever. I opened the shop on Monday morning while Telfer took the girls to visit Nana and then took Cate to get her first bike (and Jane her first helmet). We took the most lovely afternoon walk…

and the everloving laundry

But lest you think it’s all love and puppies and family walks over here, this was my pile of clean laundry to put away early this morning. ONE week of little girl clothes right there! The girls squabbled and whined quite a bit all weekend mostly due to the fact that they have been up at or before 6 AM every morning for weeks now. Jane can handle getting a little less sleep. Cate? Not so much. School starts again tomorrow….

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

2 thoughts on “Scenes From The Long Weekend

  1. I think our lake house days and nights were quite the same :). It felt like summer!! I too finished a book in a day, and it was just a slice of heaven:). I love Cate’s new bike!


  2. Ha, if it makes you feel less guilty, I think our long weekend balanced yours out as far as climate change goes–we spent it huddling inside out of the frigid sub-zero wind chill! 🙂 Yours looks much nicer…


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