Five Things

And whoops! I hit publish instead of draft earlier today on WordPress. And now it’s 8:30 pm and I am finally getting back to this…here is the text to go along with the photographs.Cropic Share File1. Cate lost her first front tooth on Sunday morning in Sunday school. She was chasing a balloon and ran into a table…the other front tooth is hanging by a thread. I packed an apple in her lunch today in the hopes that it would finish the job but no such luck. Jane had the croupy cough on Saturday night (she slept with me – Telfer was gone – and man, I am so not a fan of that sound – pretty scary). So this is me and Jane and George on Sunday morning. A whole lot of snuggling going on.

logo on building!

2. The logo is painted on the front of the building! It looks so good. Anecdotally, we are getting quite a few more customers coming into the store because of the changes to the front of the building…it looks like a bookstore now. I am waiting to take good pictures of the new counter area until all the wiring and electrical and cord management is finished.

my personal handyman/therapist

3. Telfer is my personal handyman / therapist. Here he is this morning, fixing the cords and electrical at the shop. He worked a bit in the morning at the hospital, then came straight to the shop until Cate was out of school. He’s just a pretty wonderful person. He also advises me in about everything. Inherited employees have been a challenge for me and his advice has been thoughtful and very helpful. I also had a mini-meltdown over lighting choices for the shop last night. He basically had to tuck me into bed. He deserves a medal, or at the very least, a beer.

working on the website...

4. The shop website has been one of those projects that I spend a lot of time thinking about, worrying about, writing on my to-do list, but have had a significant mind block against actually doing it. Do you know what I mean? Web stuff takes so much time and effort even though it’s not that hard. Today was the day I meant to be completely finished with round one of the site. Not quite there at all but somewhat close. I still need to figure out the header and a few other things (like a blog posting schedule. Sigh). Comments? Suggestions?

on immunity by eula biss

5. I am about twenty pages until finishing On Immunity: An Inoculation by Eula Biss. Predictably, I fall into the pro-vaccination camp but I realize that many others, including family members and close friends, are far from agreement with me. This is such a timely and essential topic and Biss is a writer to pay attention to. She is both nuanced and intelligent and comes at the issue of vaccination sideways – this is good writing and good thinking, not just a pro-vaccination series of articles. It’s never that simple.

Tonight was pizza and movie night! We just finished watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone with the girls for the first time. Telfer is putting the girls to bed as I write this – Cate is pretty fun/amazing to watch anything with, she watches with her whole body and her whole mind. There is so much concentration- she was completely entranced with the whole idea of Harry Potter and his world. Pretty great parenting moment. Telfer is gone all day tomorrow but the girls and I have a good day planned I think (hope). It’s Judy and Sarah’s birthday (the girls’ babies) and we are going to have a little birthday party in the afternoon, complete with cupcakes. I like to have at least one thing planned on days that Telfer is gone. It helps anchor the day in the very best way.

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  1. Love Eleanor’s comment. 🙂 The second picture — of Browsers is fabulous. I keep telling Anna I need to text you a request for a picture of the front of the store, from a diagonal that shows off the front of the store and the adorable red carts. Done!


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