Five Things

missing both front teeth!

1. Cate lost her second front tooth during Sunday School last week. It was hanging by a disgusting thread and Cate agreed to let me try to pull it. Right before I tried, Telfer told me he didn’t think I could do it. Two seconds later it was out! I deny my competitive streak at times…but it’s so there! Anyway, the tooth fairy remembered to come this time and Cate has lisped her way through the week.

new counter!

2. This is the front desk/checkout area at the shop as of yesterday – we (ahem, Telfer) got all of the electrical done this week so I could take the pictures. J.T. Scott, a customer and talented woodworker, built it for Browsers as a total favor. I can’t get over how beautiful the whole front area is now…I can’t even explain how much of a difference it makes…

post-dinner bike ride

3. All of the light makes me so happy! I love having time after dinner to go for a walk or bike ride with the girls. It makes such a difference. Lately, I have been doing our family walk by myself. A puppy who pulls at the leash and two girls on bikes that need to be pushed over curbs and helped down our steep driveway. Of course we look a little comical at times.

loved this...

4. Hey Natalie Jean is one of my favorite bloggers and I read her new book this week. It was just what I needed – light and fun and positive and mentions two of my favorite things: You’ve Got Mail & Anne of Green Gables.

we have our work cut for us this weekend...

5. We have our work cut out for us this weekend. We are moving several thousand books out of the way, replacing carpet, painting the whole front of the shop and then moving everything back on Monday. My parents are in town for the weekend to help and watch the girls. For some reason, I am craving oysters and so we are all headed to the Oyster House for dinner tonight. My dad is so not complaining…

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. The shop is wearing its new accessories very well. So beautiful and so happy for you. Your arm muscles are going to be bulging by the end of the weekend. Just saying. 🙂


  2. um.. competitive streak.. never in doubt. i’d forgotten how weird (gross) toothless gums look… i can’t believe someone built those for browsers…


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