Five Things – Half-Hearted Edition?

The combination of bookshop work, another (!) bad cold, and beautiful, beautiful weather this weekend kept me from wanting to go near my laptop. On Sunday, we got back from church and brunch with Nana, and Telfer and I sat down outside to watch the girls mess around on their bikes. Sitting in the sunshine on one of the first warm days of Spring has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

badly needed reading hour in my office

1. I needed this quiet hour of reading in my office last weekend…such a gift to steal away in the middle of an afternoon. I am happy my girls are older but I must confess, there are times when I miss naptime. loved, loved euphoria 2. Euphoria by Lily King should be on your reading list. Inspired by an event in the life of Margaret Mead, three young anthropologists collide in New Guinea in the 1930s with devastating consequences. Just a really lovely, well-written, passionate novel. A
pleasure to read.

first frog pond!

3. Yesterday the weather was sublime. There’s no other word for it. I picked Jane up early and we met Cate at the end of her school day. They played together on the playground and we walked up for our first Frog Pond popsicle of the season. See other Frog Pond adventures here.

found them here one early morning when i came up the stairs...

4. I walked up the stairs from making coffee one weekday morning and found the girls like this. They were watching birds and talking about it together so sweetly. I love these little moments with these two.

my little walking partner

5. Last night I made this pasta (wonderful!) – you actually wilt the greens by pouring the pasta water over the top. A new, fun technique. We ate outside for the first time this season with Chris and the girls (who had plain spaghetti with red sauce). Telfer did the dishes while I took George on a walk around the lake. Such a beautiful Spring evening. And we are still gearing up for Arts Walk this weekend. The shop looks really good but we are still hoping to have the back lighting replaced and a few more things painted before Friday night. The balcony railing is also going up on Thursday morning. If you are local, please come down and visit. Our artist is Jeff Pasek, a talented watercolorist, see his work here. We would love to see you there.

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