Five Things: First of May Edition

oh, it's may!

1. This evening, after I finished walking George and talking to my sister, and after Telfer left for night call, I changed our monthly Linnea calendar with the girls and realized I had completely forgot about the month of April. I still had March in the frame and didn’t even realize it. This, my friends, is what’s it like to own a small business. You better believe I changed the same calendar at the shop. Just not in my home. Ah well. My girls are healthy and well-tended and loved. So I forgot to change the calendar.

elizabeth's painting for the shop

2. Last weekend was Arts Walk and we had a very successful weekend at the shop. Elizabeth finished this painting for our upstairs area and hung it before the weekend started. It’s lovely – it just fits in with the overall mood of the shop. Our artist didn’t sell much but I think he made good contacts. Telfer and I both had such a great time talking with everyone that came by.

lola and maya and cate and jane

3. Last weekend was also the Procession of the Species, possibly my most favorite thing about living in Olympia. It’s weird and it’s wonderful. Right before the parade starts all the kids draw all over the streets with chalk. I absolutely hate chalk but as long as I don’t have to touch it, or really watch others touch it, I am fine with the girls playing with it. Our sweet friends Lola and Maya are drawing chalk outlines of Cate and Jane in the picture. I don’t think they quite get the significance. It was funny and cute.

morning light at the shop

4. Telfer took this of the shop one early morning last week. This isn’t the place to talk a lot about my employees and staffing a small business but I have had the opportunity to look for a new employee this week. Yes. And I am also relieved to report that I think I found just the right person. Relieved is exactly the right word. Having small children, I just can’t power through and work extra hours. I have to rely on my people and I am feeling very hopeful that I am hiring the right person.

finally read lila!

5. Last Sunday night I had my college girls book club night (we discuss a book and can see each other over google plus). I needed to see my old friends – it was just the right night for it. And Lila was also what I need to read last week. I stayed up until 2:00 AM on Saturday night to finish but so worth it. Deep and rich and beautiful: “So when she told him she meant to keep that knife and he nodded, she could explain to herself why she meant to keep it. There was no way to abandon guilt, no decent way to disown it. All the tangles and knots of bitterness and desperation and fear had to be pitied. No, better, grace had to fall over them.”

And this weekend. I sadly had to cancel a long-hoped for RaChelle visit today due to employee drama. But I am regrouping. The girls are at the PJ party at our gym even though Telfer is at work. Six months ago I would have felt guilty about this… I am sitting in my little home office writing this and then I am going to clean all the things up. The bottle of windex is sitting at my feet. The stacks and stacks of books and things. This weekend I am going to catch up and enjoy good weather and my little family. Telfer has to work a chunk of the weekend but we are planning to plant our garden and stay outside as much as possible.

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One thought on “Five Things: First of May Edition

  1. Oh, how I hate the feel of chalk, too! I often thank my lucky stars that white boards became the rage in teaching soon after I began. Ugh.
    You’ve had a wild ride of it the last couple weeks, Shop Girl! I’m glad you slowed down this past weekend and gave yourself the grace you deserve.


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