Five Things This Week

ombre tree

It’s Monday night and my laundry is still in piles all over my bedroom floor and the bed still needs fresh sheets. Telfer should be home at some point. But! I am writing this and I just finished the season finale of Scandal so all is right in the world. Telfer put a television in the basement for me and so now I can run/walk/and watch TV all at the same time. Life-changing, I tell you. funny girls These girls are so funny. This picture was a high moment for the week. The girls are really into making fairy houses and they are showing showing me all the little areas in their fairy house. Not pictured (at all) is what felt like a very challenging parenting week.

holding hands, watching the diver and fishes.

We went to the aquarium in Seattle on Saturday morning and the girls held hands while they said hello to the fishes and the diver. They are sweet sisters so much of the time. I should also be more encouraged by this. I sometimes think I might be raising at least one sociopath. Not true. Evidence above. Still, very challenging at times.

socks with saltwater sandals

And, there’s this outfit photograph that Telfer took. What the what? You know when you buy your kid a new article of clothing, say a pair of patterned shorts, and you have a definite idea of how they will be worn and then they get up early and put together their idea of how the same article will be worn? Well, this is exactly what happened here. I tried to make the outfit a little bit better and it just kept getting worse.

lucinda williams with liz!

Lucinda Williams came to Olympia last week and Liz came down to go with me. The show was amazing and it was so much fun to have Liz with me. If you aren’t familiar with her music, read this New Yorker article from a few years ago. Nerdy note that puts all of this into context: I listen to the Lucinda Williams Pandora station at the shop. I love her. I have trained the station to do exactly what I want and it’s just so, so good.

department of speculation by jenny offill

In book news, I finished Dept. of Speculation by Jenny Offill today. I think this is one of those novels you either hate or love and I loved. Quote: “Some women make it look so easy, the way they cast ambition off like an expensive coat that no longer fits.”  Beautiful language here. Also read Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell this week and loved. Both are novels I want to foist on people and say READ THIS! (And guess what, I get to do this every day and it’s so much fun). literary pairings: empathy exams and an unquiet mind

Still loving this literary pairing series I have going on instagram for the shop. Also at the shop, we are going live with an inventory system (bookstore software) early next week. Right now I doing all of the behind the scenes setup and later this week we will have staff training and am I hoping I can get all the equipment to work and talk to each other. The shop has never had an inventory system so think of us as we enter at least 75,000 books into a database in the next few months. As a librarian, not being able to tell a customer if we have a book has been a maddening state of affairs. I need my metadata!

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3 thoughts on “Five Things This Week

  1. I might have worriedly called one of my children a sociopath last week. (Seriously, who feels a constant compulsion to smash his baby sister’s feet with his elbows??). Glad it’s not just me…


  2. I was on the hate side of dept. of speculation. How can we disagree on some and so heartily agree on others? Love you!


  3. I also loved Eleanor and Park – I read it last summer and still find myself thinking about it. Love a book that sticks with me that way. And parenting? OMGosh. I feel so guilty about all the ways one of mine drives me bananas. One day at a time…


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