And the Friday Five

I am thankful for Friday evening. The girls are just finishing Charlotte’s Web and Telfer and I are sitting outside thinking about making/eating dinner here in a bit. It’s been such a full week. First grade! Jane is five! The light is different, the mornings are chilly, the afternoons flashy hot and then by 7:00 PM, so cool and lovely and just a little bit too dark. Last night after the girls were in bed I went down to watch a ten-year-old friend perform in a local production of To Kill a Mockingbird. For me, that story is never old (maybe it’s partly because I have little girls?) but even with the new book out, it’s still fresh and funny and heartbreaking and true and so very relevant.

Oh and #1 on the Friday Five was the couple of hours we spent on the boat the day before school started. The clouds (photo above) were beautiful although Telfer didn’t catch any salmon. I read a bit and snuggled the girls a bit. Perfect couple of hours.


2. All my people on one sofa.

ears pierced girl


3. Last Saturday both girls got their ears pierced. My party line on ear piercing is as soon as you want to sit in the chair and not freak out, you can get your ears pierced. Jane totally led the way and went first. They haven’t complained much and both are really, really into cleaning and twisting their earrings. Cate’s face here is pretty great.

jane on her new scooter :)

4. Jane’s officially five! Yesterday she spent most of the day with me at the shop, then arrived at her little school with cupcakes in tow and then in the evening we met Grammy & Papa at our favorite Indian restaurant for dinner. Up until last night, she has only had take-out. She ate as much as I did for sure. Cate, on the other end of the spectrum, was not at all impressed.

le pens

5. These are really pretty pens that we just restocked at the shop. Everything is going well. We still have many, many books to inventory and not all of them are quite worth keeping around. It’s such an interesting, active challenge to shape an existing space and inventory and customer-base. I keep adding good things and subtracting the noise and I hope that the overall feeling of the shop errs on the side of relevant. It’s getting there. We still have a ways to go, but I can see it. It’s hard to be patient though.

Have a lovely weekend, friends.

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