FIRST day of first grade & Jane will be FIVE tomorrow

sisters hugs
ready for school!!

first day of school

riding bikes!

It’s been a big day people! Cate started first grade this morning. It went so well although she is exhausted tonight. She is in a first grade/second grade split and most of her friends from last year (her K/1 split) moved up together. Her teacher this year is her student teacher from last year. We had a very smooth morning. All three of us were in the bathroom this morning getting ready together, chatting away, and I was struck with how much life has changed since the baby days. I love having these older girls who get dressed, brush their teeth, have opinions, and are just great little people.

Jane also turns five tomorrow. Can you believe it? It’s been five years since we had the rough start in New York. She is healthy, happy and I think my obsession with food while on bed rest was transferred through the umbilical cord… We gave Jane a bunch of choices for dinner tomorrow night and she chose to go to our favorite Indian restaurant for her birthday. She’s only had takeout thus far and so this is her first time eating at the restaurant. Curry for all! Cate is less than pleased on the restaurant choice as I am sure you can imagine.

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5 thoughts on “FIRST day of first grade & Jane will be FIVE tomorrow

  1. I love so many things about this post. The girls who dress themselves, the memories of you in that NYC hospital room and the pictures of that happy five year old. God is good.


  2. Love that polka dot sweater, the happy faces, and biking off into the misty morning! So glad it was a positive day. Happy Birthday to sweet Jane! And I love this new theme on your blog – looks really, really good!!


  3. Your girls are just darling … I love their connection with each other! I have enjoyed watching that unfold with my nieces. And I’d celebrate Jane’s birthday any day … Indian food, yum!


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