Friday Five. Evening Edition.

The girls are in bed after a badly needed pizza and movie night. We snuggled on the sofa and watched the new Cinderella. So good! The girls had seen before but not me. Jane prepared me for the scary bits.

This was a good week but it passed so very quickly. At the shop, I (a bit frantically I am afraid) found and added online books to the new system. I would look at the clock and realize three hours passed in what felt like maybe 30 minutes. I had been feeling fairly positive all week but today had a low moment. There’s still so much junk around. There are whole sections of the shop that are not working at all. I hate little pamphlet-y types of books and really all books on collecting various things – depression glass, stamps, weird vases. So pointless.

Moving on! The tomatoes! This summer I have eaten so many BLTs. So many. And last Sunday I picked a whole bunch of tomatoes to roast and freeze for later this season. Tomatoes are so beautiful. Especially ones you grow yourself.

cutest girls ever
matching dresses :)

Alyssa and her girls came as a bit of a surprise for the girls’ birthday party last weekend. So fun to have them. We decided we wish we could see them once a month. Maybe twice. Cate and Neva are such good friends and fall back into it in just a matter of minutes. I love that my girls have cousins their age.

all the fairy houses
cate's fairy house
sherry & gresh's fairy house
cutting the cake

2. Mom & Dad & Liz & Chris & Mendy came for the party too and we had a great time on Saturday with friends from school and church. We had the bouncy house again this year which is always popular and a good way to get kids tired. We also made fairy houses and the kids were all so into it. It was really great to see the creativity and care that went into these little houses. I had bowls of pretty rocks and beans and glitter and glue and feathers and moss and leaves and various other little doodads for the kids to work with. Just in case: I bought these houses and they were great.

soccer girl!
Cate and Gresham are on the same soccer team this Fall. First game tomorrow morning! owls. our most charming bird This is the cutest little owl book you ever did see. Pretty watercolor portraits of the various owl species. Also, I am finishing up Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff (maybe even tonight if I can stay awake long enough!). The novel is about a marriage with one half of the book from the husband’s point of view (Fates) and then the second half from the wife’s POV (Furies). Whew, it’s good. I haven’t quite decided what I am going to read next. I am listening to 1599: A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare and slowing making my way through Edith Wharton’s New York Stories. Too many things to read. Such a good problem to have.

Is that five things? I think so. Have a lovely one friends.

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