The Girls Lately

telling me a story 1
telling me a story 2
telling me a story 4 telling me a story 5
telling me a story 6 telling me a story 7
janey janey love
janey janey boo
oh jane We had such a good run of weather there for a bit. I know it will come back again but I am still enjoying these pictures of the girls I took one warm evening. I feel like the photos are very representative of the girls right now. Cate was telling me a story from her school day and Jane was just being Jane.

seattle day with girls

The girls and I went to Seattle one day during Cate’s spring break and we did our usual Top Pot / Aquarium run. When they walk ahead of me and hold hands it gets me every time.

costco dresses. these two, i swear.On the last weekend of Spring Break, Cate was invited to a sleepover birthday party (her first). The invitation specified “fancy dress” which put Cate into a complete quandary. She has a few dress-up clothes but many she has grown out of and my suggestion of wearing her pirate costume was not popular (at all). She came up with the idea of maybe going to Costco to see if there were any fancy dresses? Both my girls have longed for Costco dresses their whole lives. Longed. I have never seen such complete excitement and love directed toward a $18.99 Costco dress. Most of the money for the dresses came from their piggy banks and picking out the actual dress seen in the photo above was very intense. Sizes and colors and matching vs. unique? Lovely little girl drama.

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One thought on “The Girls Lately

  1. Those photos brought me joy! Miss my little Griffitfh Girls! By looking at the pictures of Cate, I could almost here her school story! Uses her hands like others in the family! Thanks for sharing, Andrea. Love you all!


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