Day 3: Marking Time

eggIt’s been a soggy day, not a bad day, but to be truthful, not a great one either. Much of the day was spent on quotidian tasks and dealing with low-grade technology issues but I did meet with the lighting specialist and the electrician. Here’s an amazing thing: the lights that work best for our back room are in stock and relatively inexpensive. So progress. By this weekend much of the lighting will be up. And by tomorrow night, most of the painting will be done.

One of the things about spending 100 days noticing your life is that not every day, not nearly every day, will be an easy day with a perfect moment to share. So on this dreary, rainy day, I took a picture of some stellar soup I had for lunch (vegan sweet potato, kale and peanut soup with just the right amount of heat) but the lighting was poor. Telfer and Cate and I had a quick early dinner at our favorite pizza place but Cate wasn’t in the space where taking her picture was a good idea.

When I first got home, in the early evening, Telfer and I sat at the table and chatted while we both finished up a bit of work. I looked over to see this huge calendar (from 1canoe2) on our kitchen wall and thought yes, this is what I am noticing and calling out today. Sometimes beautiful paper products can be the bright spot. It’s not shallow, it’s noticing what makes your home feel like your home. This calendar fills an empty wall in such an exact, “you-belong-here!” sort of way. I love having calendars that I change every month (we also have this one). The act of changing the pages is almost a ritual for me; it marks time in a concrete way.

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