Day 4: End of the Week

painted plate
It’s already the Friday of Spring Break. I went to the girls’ performance of Snew White at 3:15 and afterwards, I had surprise reservations at our local pottery-painting place. They love painting – Cate painted an arrow wall plaque and Jane painted a round box that will indubitably be full of “treasure.” I am so not up for painting anything but I am such a good chatter and general helper – I hold box lids and consult on color choice. Daddy made a surprise appearance and all is well.

The performance was so fun. This was a fractured fairy tale so as you can tell by the title, Snew White had some…tweaks. Cate was a dwarf – “Cleany”, complete with a beard and broom. Jane was the Evil Queen’s servant. Cate was really funny and into her role – she talked about her props and costumes all week and did such a great job. Jane was the youngest performer and had a lot of lines and played it so straight to who she is. I loved seeing them experience something totally different this week.

Telfer picked up the DVD of The Last Jedi tonight and the three of them are cozily watching it together in our den. I can hear all the dramatic bits all the way upstairs in my office. Telfer just brought me a glass of wine and I am contemplating what book to start. A lovely end to the week.

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