Day 2: Spring Break Musings

It’s Spring Break. For the last couple of years during SB, I have worked less than normal, bringing the girls with me to the store for a limited amount of time each day. This year with the construction project, there’s really nowhere for them to play and there are no railings upstairs. Safety first: IContinue reading “Day 2: Spring Break Musings”

Day 1: Outer Order, Inner Calm

Have I mentioned we’ve been doing a major construction project at the store? No? We’ve been preparing since January and it’s been a fiasco in every sense of the word. I won’t go into even 1% of the details but we thought we were doing a very straightforward fix-the-stairs-to-make-the-city-happy project and once started, our 1880sContinue reading “Day 1: Outer Order, Inner Calm”

The Ocean in January

  One of our New Year’s decisions/resolutions/whatever: build one weekend night a month to get away with our girls. Both our jobs bleed into nights, weekends, holidays and there’s not much separation between the days. We don’t have very many evenings where it’s all four of us together at home. When we leave town, IContinue reading “The Ocean in January”