Snow Day (optimistic) vs. Snowbound (reality)

early this morning

Telfer took this picture this morning when trying to back the car out of the driveway. He made it maybe three feet. A neighbor had to take him to work. The same neighbor asked Telfer if he was in town in 1977. Telfer coughed and said he was born in 1979. Apparently, 1977 is the last time Olympia has had this much snow.

The best decision I have made in a long time: yesterday we did go on the Dash bus downtown to the Bread Peddler. I had a badly needed cappucino and a scone and Cate got her morning roll.  

a very much needed cappucino miss cate and the love of her life: bread peddlar's morning roll

Needless to say, there were no outings today. We have had lots of timeouts and emotional breakdowns however! I don't think I have looked forward to a naptime more in months. I made use of my basement treadmill and then read a whole bunch of The Phantom Tollbooth. Where has this book been all of my life?

Telfer's dad picked him up at the hospital and they cleared (or at least packed down) our driveway. Have I mentioned we don't own a snowshovel? We didn't need them in Calfornia and New York! Also, here's a new use for our California boogieboards: 

my girls

the bearded man

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2 thoughts on “Snow Day (optimistic) vs. Snowbound (reality)

  1. Okay, the whole born in 1979 thing made me laugh. If it has been THAT long since the last snow like that, then a snowshovel doesn’t seem like a necessity:)


  2. PTL that Cate got her morning roll. Praying you get some relief from the snow – and soon! I, like Becca, enjoyed the 1979 comment. More so because Paul was born in 1980 (I have students born in the 80’s!) and that always makes me feel really old!


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