And just like that.

haystack rock

on the beach

on the beach

14th street stairs in astoria

view from our bedroom window

lobster rolls!

telfer & the girls @ fort george

chatting on the porch

reading, reading

Our time at the Oregon Coast, as you can see, was pretty wonderful. We rented a really great house in Rockaway Beach for five days. There was a shark head with antlers above the mantle and an arcade in the basement and a hot pool (tub) for the girls which they got in and out of 47 times a day. Eleanor stayed with us while most of Telfer’s family stayed in Cannon Beach. Telfer had lobster rolls delivered as a last hurrah for my birthday and Eleanor’s birthday. I will take it! Then we packed up stayed in a hotel in Cannon Beach for a couple more days. All the adults went to EVOO which was lovely as usual. All together, the week was a really good mix of extended family, our family and alone time. It’s really my favorite week of the year.

Summer feels over. This last week has been so rainy and it’s lovely and we need it but yesterday felt like October not the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. But today the sun is shining and I am hoping to make that summer feeling last a bit longer. I have the day off, Telfer is doing an epidural and I suspect will be at the hospital most of the day. The girls and I are hatching little plans. I think the park and a stock-up trip to Trader Joe’s is on the docket. Also, my butcher block counters are giving me the stink-eye. Theoretically, I don’t mind oiling them every few months but this last stretch has gone on entirely too long.

First grade starts on Wednesday (!) for Cate. Mama is ready and Cate is *more* than ready. One example: one morning she woke me up before 7:00 a.m. whisper-yelling: “Mom, school starts in SEVEN weeks. We need to order a new dress for the first day of school.” Yes, seven weeks, we’d better get on that Cate! She picked out her yearly pair of converse yesterday and I am thinking she needs at least a new pair of jeans and a couple of cardigans here soon.

And note: I am going to post every couple of days for the next few weeks just to relearn the habit of posting here. I am not sure why I stopped? I hate when good habits fall by the wayside. It’s so depressing.

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