And just like that.

Our time at the Oregon Coast, as you can see, was pretty wonderful. We rented a really great house in Rockaway Beach for five days. There was a shark head with antlers above the mantle and an arcade in the basement and a hot pool (tub) for the girls which they got in and out of 47 times a day. Eleanor stayed with us while most of Telfer’s family stayed in Cannon Beach. Telfer had lobster rolls delivered as a last hurrah for my birthday and Eleanor’s birthday. I will take it! Then we packed up stayed in a hotel in Cannon Beach for a couple more days. All the adults went to EVOO which was lovely as usual. All together, the week was a really good mix of extended family, our family and alone time. It’s really my favorite week of the year.

Five Things This Week

It’s Monday night and my laundry is still in piles all over my bedroom floor and the bed still needs fresh sheets. Telfer should be home at some point. But! I am writing this and I just finished the season finale of Scandal so all is right in the world. Telfer put a television in the basement for me and so now I can run/walk/and watch TV all at the same time. Life-changing, I tell you.